About Us

The Lanwin Group is a multi-faceted, privately-held real estate development, construction, investment and advisory services company that for more than 30 years has planned and developed real estate and investment opportunities on award-winning residential and mixed-use projects.

The Lanwin Group is organized as a group of companies that have unmatched expertise in the areas of: real estate investment and bank advisory services, land assemblage, bid sales, as well as municipal approvals, real estate management, sales and marketing, construction and project management.

The Lanwin Group is also closely affiliated with Olympia Development Companies, Club Specialists International and Meridian Property Services.

The company’s management team is known for its integrity and its extensive experience in real estate and investment, which allows the firm to engage the best and brightest real estate developers and planners for a particular project. The Lanwin Group also has the credibility, due to its extensive contacts on Wall Street, to attract the necessary investment capital to finance a project from the drawing board to ribbon cutting.

The Lanwin Group has done business with or engaged in joint ventures with some of the top real estate development and finance companies in the country, including: Toll Brothers, Orleans Home Buildings, Calton Homes (now Centex Real Estate Corp.), Garden State Land Co., Ginsburg Development Companies and Westinghouse Financial.