Mission Statement

The Lanwin Group and its various divisions are guided by the "The Lanwin Approach," which begins with each Lanwin division operated by respected, top-flight professionals known for their vision, integrity and experience in their respective disciplines.

The Lanwin Approach is centered on each Lanwin division and the independent professionals retained for a particular project interfacing effectively with one another in order to ensure the smooth and timely development of each real estate project from inception to completion.

The Lanwin Approach begins with exhaustive research on a local, county and statewide basis to determine prime potential markets. It then involves a proprietary carefully detailed approval, design, construction and marketing procedure that has resulted in the successful completion and management of many Lanwin-developed or joint-ventured residential and mixed-use projects in key markets across the country.

The Lanwin Approach is the key reason why The Lanwin Group is one of only a few firms that can provide a complete range of real estate development and financial advisory services for its clients and investors that include:

  • Land Assemblage and Sale
  • Project Feasibility
  • Regulatory Approval Management
  • Financial and Investment Advisory Services to Banks and Other Financial Institutions
  • Real Estate Sales, Marketing and Management
  • Construction
  • Project Management