Lanwin Olympia provides a comprehensive suite of building, construction and project management services for projects of virtually every size and scope. With a wealth of proven experience, solid resources and strong commitment to environmental considerations, Lanwin Olympia is in a position to offer a dynamically distinctive approach to residential development opportunities for the 21st century.

Investors and homeowners alike benefit from our strategic guidance which entails a strong focus on the changing lifestyle requirements of today's home purchasers who are more product knowledgable, site selective and market savvy than their predecessors. A special emphasis is also placed on the construction process itself, with an experienced Project Superintendent assigned for each individual project to monitor scheduling, building activity and timely completion. Thus, investors are afforded effective fiscal oversight, speed, control and profitability, while purchasers are assured of an extraordinary home buying experience.

It all takes place from the ground up, with our exceedingly efficient, diligent trades and subcontracting personnel--along with a thoughtful inhouse support staff--working in unison toward achieving optimum results.

We invite you to discover what so many others already have: Lanwin Olympia is the way of the future in homebuilding excellence.

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